Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quality issues

China's main internet filter hard at work, yesterday.
Dear Reader,
Owing to rumoured interference by Chinese internet controllers, it has come to The Tiger Father's attention that some of you, particularly in China, might not be receiving this blog in its best possible state, like with all the funny bits cut out.
No, what I really mean is that China's technological mavens, operating in white coats inside a hollowed-out mountain near here, just might be doing something to make the display and photos on this blog look sub-standard, thus stripping it of an estimated 20 to 22 per cent of its glamour and glitz.
I apologise for that but can only explain that it is due to technical matters outside of my control - i.e. that China doesn't like google, and, like Dick Dastardly with some flour and a hairdryer, it constantly does its best to bedevil its sworn enemy and its blog platforms.
Web censors inspect yesterday while ...
... locals form their most orderly queue in years
to get their hard-copy version in a frantic afternoon
at the Black Market, Beijing.

Rest assured I am working on the issue, having been locked in high-level discussions with my techy friends who know about computers. (Yes, I do have a couple. They also read manuals and stop and ask for directions when driving.)
Following those discussions I have come up with a range of possible action plans to confront this interference and fix the issue.
These are:
1. Set fire to myself.
2. Go on a hunger strike.
3. Set fire to myself whilst not eating anything.
4. Do nothing and hope the computers fix themselves like they usually do.
5. Bang my computer on the side.
Once I decide upon the most appropriate form of counter-attack, probably sometime after lunch, I hope to have the problem solved rather quickly. Until then, please bear with us if you should, in any way, feel you are looking at a second-rate blog which is anything but the finest, absolute best quality thing on the web. Or anywhere.

* Have your say on how to address this thorny worm-can of a problem in the survey to the right. There may be a prize involved!

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