Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Licentious Barbie

Here in wholesome China the Tiger Father is distressed by news which has just landed on his desk from the morally bankrupt rest of the world that Barbie dolls now wear tattoos. If I can coin my own set of initials here, OFGS. It stands for Oh For God's Sake.
Our close-up photo reveals shameless Barbie has gone in for more
 than just tattooing. Above the inked-in name of her boyfriend Ken she
has also indulged in the more extreme form of body art known as
scarification, having had etched into her skin the word "Indonesia".

Having just been informed that OFGS already exists, can I instead coin HA? It stands for Heavens Above. This is political correctness gone mad. But if Barbie makers are trying to cater to as many sections of society as they can, then why don't we see other variants? Like Buzzcut Barbie? Or Big Boned Barbie?
I don't think we want our daughters to be encouraged by Barbie's latest phase of rebellious behaviour do we? No I thought not. As a father to two daughters, I'd like to see some other forms of the elderly doll emerge. Professional Woman Barbie might be one, Victorian Values Barbie another.
Here at The Tiger Father central, we like our dolls to be
more homely and down-to-earth, such as this sterling
home-made effort by our four-year-old Evie. I need
not tell you it is a beaver. Made with carboard and
sticky tape, it's also a lot cheaper than a Barbie, if
perhaps not as durable.

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