Wednesday, December 14, 2011


If there’s one thing this dynamic, modernising, can-do society loves, it’s a good nap.
Whether it’s because they’ve got up too early to do their tai chi, stayed up too late watching their new modern TVs, or because these Chinese beds are notoriously hard, few places are deemed too obscure to grab a few winks in the daytime.

Certainly one of the most popular is any big
furniture store, in this case IKEA. If you do
it right, a quick test run of a bed or sofa can
turn into a few hours of very comfortable sleep.

Or an armchair.

Public buses usually look like a cart-away service for the
chronically narcoleptic, but any mode of transport is
pretty good. These three-wheel flat-tray bikes are
very popular.

For sheer numbers though, few places beat a nice, warm fast
food restaurant. Here you can order just a token bit of food
or drink - or not - and make a table your own. Remember,
this is for the ordinary folk. We're not talking about the

The best part is, noone who works in these places ever
shows any inclination to gently nudge the sleeper on
the shoulder and remind them that this is a fast food
diner and that they did not book a sleeping compartment.
Perhaps they've been in the same situation themselves.

My favourite: Burger still in hand, mid-text and ... zonk.

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  1. I am not a good sleeper, reading through your written article gave me a good laugh. I will be sharing it with my friends and family on facebook.