Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here's a sign enticing, cajoling, positively
seducing people to use the toilet. Perhaps
you can polish a turd after all. Photo kindly
provided by Sandy Go.

If you're hungry enough to eat that, then eat it wherever
you like.

Speaking of food, Mum don't forget to pick up a box of
Wodi Collocation from the tinned foods section.
I've no idea either. And neither does Google Translate.

Strictly speaking, it's not cigarette
advertising. Should have seen the
look on the face of the motorbike
dealership boss when I told him his
new range of Marlbcro bikes came
with a typographical error as standard. 

Daughter Lani, hanging out at the base of
a 40-storey Beijing building recently.
But wait ... ! 

"This is the way we wash our building,
Wash our building, Wash our building."
It's ok - they're all wearing shoes.

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