Wednesday, May 16, 2012


She's happy because her shirt says
"Get off with his hands".
Now ... oh I give up.

Of all the wacky clothing you see in Beijing, this one defies explanation the most. If it's describing what men do in their spare time, surely this was the first fashion designer in history to think this was a groovy sort of pastime to convey on a shirt. Or maybe it's directed at young women as a safe sex message? Any ideas? Love, the Editor. PS: Many thanks to Liora Pearlman of Beijing for seeing this and accosting the young lady for a photo to send to me.

And can anyone explain this Beijing eatery? In the middle
it's a pair of praying hands above a serving of hot chips.
"Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy fries ..."

And there's nothing like a relaxing day in
the park, but should you have several
emergencies ...
My favourite is the bottom one. Presumably,
if you're not really really bursting, you can
just make you way to the standard toilet.
Thanks to Robyn Searl for these two pics.

You see plenty of what we might call
surprising wedding photos in China.
Normally, I don't like to comment.
It's their big day and all. But ...
Whilst in tropical Hainan Island
recently, we saw one of the most
surprising wedding shoots ever.
The bride wore a soft pink silk and taffeta dress ... 

... while the groom stuck with a classical

The groom is not likely to be needing this
latest example of funny undies, found
on sale in our hotel. At bottom right it shows
these are XXXXL size. But in the middle
it just says it straight.
Cosmo Underpants ... for Fat Men. 


  1. Eating holy fries is probably the closest I'd ever get to a religious experience.
    My sister was in China recently and asked to take a photo of a girl's t-shirt... it said "Alcoholic Girl". The girl let her then said "what does it mean? I just liked the colour".
    I assume that there are a few Chinese tattoos in Australia that say Best $2 Hooker.

  2. I think the Holy fries placed closed. I ate there once - the fries were not that impressive. Since then, when I walk by it looks closed.