Thursday, June 14, 2012


"Right, shall we get this thing started? OK ... Hey! Don't wave
that flag til I tell you, right? We don't want any mistakes.
We've been planning this for ages.

Alright everyone listen up! Today is your graduation.
Congratulations - you're now all qualified chefs.
Because of this, you've been given red mortar boards.
Those white chefs' hats are so last year.

Plus yours go with our lanterns a lot better.

Your graduation ceremony is of course a very special
occasion. That's why we wanted to have it in a very
special place. Unfortunately it was booked out.
So, we've had to have it here at our restaurant. I'm sure
you'll agree this is still an excellent, meaningful
venue for your graduation.

Even so, this being a footpath, some people might walk
straight through the middle of it.

And this being a footpath in China, others might ride
their motor scooters.

Or their pushbikes. Anyway, If there's
nothing else we can get ... Oh for heaven's
sake ...

Okaaay ... When you're ready ...

OK. He's gone. Now, when you're a chef, one thing you'll
find is ... Oh no, hang on - he's coming back.
Oh for the love of Mao, we haven't got all day you know!
Front row mind your toes!

Actually, you know what? This isn't bad.
This is some pretty good reversing right
here people. Come on - you don't see
this too often. I think we should give a
little credit where it's due, don't you?

Yeah. Give it up!

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. For real. Pssst! Wave the
flag now!

OK. Let's move on.
 All those who had to do their exam twice, and anyone from
Anhui, assume the position!

Here's what I like to call a character-builder. Every morning
for the next month, you can lick the footpath clean with
your tongue. Now go!

Yeah that's it. Good and proper.
And finally, to see what you're really made of, all 11
of you are going ...

... to be jumped over by Mr Wong here on his motorcycle!
Now lie still.
What the hell is going to happen next?! Will Daredevil Wong pull it off? Or will it all end in tears? And if it doesn't and these chefs can get to work, will they wash their hands first? Find out when Graduation Day concludes next week!

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