Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This week's road trip took in Beijing's well-known art precinct, 798. The area was formerly a collection of state-run factories, including one named Factory 798, which has been turned into a fascinating collection of art galleries housing the latest in cutting edge, brave and often bizarre artworks. many larger pieces also litter the grounds outside.

We wanted to buy this iron installation, as it represents
my parenting style, but it wasn't for sale.

We passed on this cat skeleton, despite the fact
it has lightbulbs in the eye sockets which look
like they light up ...

... but we did purchase this. I'd always
promised they kids they could have a

With the bunny in our loungeroom,
we unfortunately had no room for
these guys.

Is it industrial machinery, or is it art?
Turns out it's industrial machinery.
Those in charge have left many remnants
of the old factories around. A sign said
this one was a joint-making machine.
Biggest one I've seen.

Hmmm ... when I grow up I want to
have blue hair and lots of spots.

No bids taken here. She's real!

My favourite thing at 798 was this road
sign for directing traffic. I've shown a
handful of Chinese friends, and none
can understand what it's for. But whatever
it is, it's really close, although judging by
the handwritten sign underneath, there's
some dispute over exactly how close.

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