Wednesday, September 19, 2012


... a collection of things from the 'Jing, gathered while out riding my bike this week. And what better to start with than this autumn's must-have accessory ...

We husbands have all been there ...
"Honey - does my butt look too small in this?"
Just what do you say? Now, just hand
her these, on sale at all good fake arse
outlets now. They're sexy, comfortable,
invisible AND perfect!

Wonder if he knows why westerners keep
licking him.

There's a message for all us in there! Somewhere.

The Levi's Young Guns aren't as young as
they used be. Maybe she should start
shopping at ...

It's a kids' store: Because big or small, there's
a little bit of the 60-year-old in all of us!


Under there somewhere is a person.

Another load that came past me.

No pressure on here. For the uninitiated, the lines on the
road don't seem to work as well here as in other places.

As mentioned previously, transport here comes in
 all shapes and sizes. Pretty sure he picked this
one up at the circus.

And sometimes transport looks like this - a taxi
for one. These are very common and, ooh, fairly

And here's another collection: Car,
motor scooter, bicycle and pram.

But don't panic - the pram was empty.
Baby was held up, literally, for
a toilet stop. 

Strictly speaking, it's a bike lane. These are
located beside many roads in Beijing. They
are also beside perfectly good footpaths, but
people don't seem to notice those. What
happens next is the wheelchair doesn't
miss the baby's puddle. 

Speaking of transport, motor scooters continue to remain one of the strongest sources of quality Chinglish ...

They may have advanced technologr, butt it dosnt inclde

Now that's just throwing words at the problem.

Speedboating? For when you like the thrill of travelling
fast over water but you only own a scooter!

SARD - Get it, and it will just improve you.

Down at the construction site.

As is this. Watch for odd-looking black things terracing
your head.

More workplace guidelines. They say you shouldn't text
on the job, particularly if you're employed as a pianist. To
be fair, he still sounded OK. But maybe he was over it
and needed a nap.

If you're going to take a nap at work,
which is pretty standard here, make
yourself comfortable, like this
alfresco barber.

But for napping at work, nothing beats a job as an
attendant at a bouncy castle.

And finally ...

This proves three things: 1. You can take an
OK and even kinda artsy photo while riding
your bike (provided you touch it up later).
2. Dongzhimenwai Street does indeed
run east-to-west as I said on Monday.
3. The sun is big.

* More next Monday readers with who knows what!


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