Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's bigger than Bing's!

As my insomniac friend said today - only four more sleeps til Christmas!

So I'm about to embark on a well-earned holiday. Well, that may be a matter of debate, but I'm embarking anyway. See you some deliberately vague time in January! Merry Christmas and HNY everyone. Thanks for reading through the year and I hope you'll come back next year. Unless of course the world blows up next week, which is a bit of a rumour around town.

Meantime, here are two bits about Christmas to get you excited. First some images of Beijing's Christmas ...

Shoppers outside one Beijing mall have been enthralled
by this installation featuring a large stack of presents and
a traditional giant Christmas kangaroo.

This Chinese reindeer adorns the outside of a
restaurant nearby.

And here's some eclecticism for you: a
worker puts up decorations on a
Christmas tree in what the background
signs show is Beijing's Russian district.
Russian Christmas doesn't fall until
January 7. Do they stick to chronology
and wish each other "a happy New Year
and a Merry Christmas"?

In Chinese he's known as Sheng dan lao ren,
or Christmas Old Man. It's a bit hard to find
the right amount of rotundness in these part,
however. To be fair he's a little lame.

Not as bad as this one though.

Or this one, from across the pond in Japan.
He looks like he's just feasted on an elf for
lunch. But it's OK. He's just a zombie.

But Christmas is more about kids than
flesh-eating undead Santas. So here's a
shot of our Evie, clearly over the moon
with Christmas spirit while making a
gingerbread man. Come on girl - it's
Christmas! Look like you're enjoying it.

Actually it reminded me of this shot which her
school chose as its best one of her a couple of
years ago and which now haunts our fridge.
Photogenic little thing, isn't she? I'm starting
to think I might be murdered in my sleep.

She used to look more like this!

Aah that's better. Nothing's as fun for a kid as being crushed
under the weight of your own huge Christmas present. And
nothing's as fun for a parent as watching your child try to
resist opening them for a couple of weeks if you display
them early enough. By the way, it's a scooter!
There. That'll teach her for not reading her Dad's blog.

And finally, a lovely Christmas meme from our friends at The Internet.


Now go down to the next bit.

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