Thursday, February 28, 2013


Remembering that a smog reading between 151 and 200 on the air quality index at the US Embassy tells us it's 'unhealthy' to go outdoors ...   

... there are times, like this morning, when the monitoring personnel just don't know what to say.

Can I humbly suggest this is a golden marketing opportunity
for a jeans manufacturer. You need to coordinate your ads,
US Embassy.

Still, one embassy staffer came good with a handy suggestion when it was even higher ...

Or was this a marketing opportunity seized upon by the
Indonesian Tourism Board?

But considering it's China, could there be anything worse than this?

I'll say it's hazardous! That's a triple helping of death, my friend!
(For those in other parts, the Chinese believe four is a most
unlucky number, as the word for it - si - sounds like the
word for death, only with a different tone. And I thought I
was the one getting tones mixed up.)

In any event, today was like any other Thursday as I looked out the window at 7.00am.

Soon it was time to take little Evie to school, looking as cute as ever.

We rubbed faces and said goodbye ...

... before stopping for a photo with some friends and their dad ...

After that I excitedly hit the shops to see what some of my favourite designers had come up with for the new season!

Look hot to trot in this jaunty tri-tone
ensemble! Just the thing for spring.

Why not coordinate accessories with your BFF?
Matching facewear's twice as nice!

Everyone knows it's a fashion crime to wear white between
Labour Day and Easter ...

... but if you're a cool dude with headphones
you can probably carry it off.

Later on, give him those bedroom
eyes in a bit of all-white that's a
bit of all-right!

The in-thing for spring is now officially
a 'must-have' ...

... which is known only too well by these
gatekeepers of style.

Those with extra panache can breathe
easy and look fabulous.
Better red than dead!

Still, dedicated followers of fashion will know sometimes there's a price to pay for feeling this good ...

... like foggy glasses ...

... and going without the odd little treat.

And if you've got a devilishly handsome
cleft in your chin, you might not be
able to show it off. Plus there's all that
condensation running down your face.

And afterwards, in case you didn't already
have enough lines on your face, you'll
have a few more - for extra character!

Occasionally you might get that sinking feeling ...

But soon you'll rise up again.

Also while out shopping this fine day ...

How about a portrait of that lovely man Stalin for your
lounge room wall? Beside that other top bloke Mao
 Zedong? Perhaps it's a good way to commemorate
the estimated 84 million odd people who died
as a result of their dictatorships.
(Clue ... 6 million are attributed to Stalin).

Speaking of domination, it's incredible I know, but this one
little understated shop apparently controls all cigarette sales
in China.

In the kids' store, there were several fun toys to remind the little ones that if they stay healthy ...

... they can look forward to several decades of domestic drudgery.

But really, isn't this one a bit bizarre? 

Let's hope it teaches them that there's be
times when it's empty.

Speaking of drudgery in the kitchen, it seemed this Beijing restaurant where I had lunch didn't fancy it too much.

Don't be fooled. It's a Malaysian restaurant.
My multi-ethnic wife took me there for
lunch ... the other day ... at the airport.
I didn't feel like Malaysian. Thankfully,
they had a burger alternative. It took a fair
while to come.

When it did, it looked remarkably familiar.
It tasted that way too, although I was a bit
thrown by the extravagant plate and salad.

That's right folks - it's a Big Mac. Note the cheese stuff
on the side - melted in the microwave.
Well I can't really complain. I like Big Macs. It's just that
when they said they'd take my order, I didn't think they
meant they'd take it downstairs and be back in a few
minutes with a burger made a different restaurant,
and charge me handsomely for their legwork.
You've got to love a little innovation.

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