Monday, March 4, 2013


Find out where your guy sits on the romance scale by giving him this fun, easy nine-point quiz!

(Score 1 point for answer "1", 2 points for "2", etc)

1. Finish this sentence: You make me …

1. Whole
2. Complete
3. Want to be a better man
4. Sick to my stomach
5. Some sandwiches

2. ‘Your song’ is:

1. Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill
2. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
3. Ground Control to Major Tom by David Bowie
4. The Ace of Spades by Motorhead
5. Anything by Lawnmower Death.

3. Your special getaway weekend would be spent:

1. In a log cabin in the hills with an open fire
2. In a plush hotel in Paris
3. Fishing
4. Whittling
5. Apart

4. An appropriate nickname for your wife/girlfriend would be:

1. Schnooky
2. Snuggles
3. Schnoogles
4. Johnno
5. Biff
6. Junk Yard Dog

5. You set the scene for lovemaking by:

1. Putting on soft music and candles
2. Reminding her it’s the first Tuesday of the month
3. Getting her well liquored-up
4. Stripping off, jumping into bed and shouting “READY!”

6. It is acceptable to pass wind in bed:

1. Never
2. On your birthday
3. When you’re asleep
4. When you’re pretending to be asleep

7. Your idea of a great night with your loved one is

1. Seeing a movie and then going salsa dancing
2. Going to a fine restaurant together
3. Going to a fine restaurant together, with your friend Dave
4. Going to the greyhound races

8. You love seeing your wife/girlfriend wearing:

1. Anything she feels comfortable in
2. A nice dress
3. Some sexy lingerie
4. A Liverpool football shirt
5. Nothing

9. After making love you like to:

1. Spoon
2. Give her a back massage
3. Fall asleep
4. Say “FINISHED!” and turn on the telly
5. Get the hell out of the house

RESULTS: 9-18 Congratulations! You’ve found the one. Either that or you’ve just started going out; 19-30 He’s a rugged type, possibly untameable. 31-45 Maybe he’s just not that into you.

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