Sunday, April 28, 2013


From the Tiger Father's mailbag ...

"Dear Tiger Father,

I am new to Beijing, and know a lot of people who are new to Beijing as well. Or at least this will be our first spring here anyway. As such, could you tell us if we will soon see millions of bits of white fluff floating through the air, getting in our noses and eyes, etc etc?

If so, perhaps you can fill us in on some of the details - like what it is, what causes it, and so forth, whilst making some jokes along the way?

Oh I know! If you've actually written something about this already, perhaps you could simply repeat it today, allowing you to get on with other writing projects that are demanding urgent attention? Then you can get back to giving us fresh stuff on Thursday.

Look, if you feel really guilty about it, why not repeat something else you may have written about spring last year as well that we newcomers might not have seen yet? I'd assume not much has changed in a year, right? Maybe add a couple of touches to make it look like they're updated, and throw in a couple of new bits down your right hand column.

Yours in obsessive infatuation,


Dear Ken,


See the two bits below, and some new bits on the right!

Tiger Father.

PS: You might have noticed ads have appeared on this site. Some are for dating sites, specifically for Asian women. Just so you know, it's nothing to do with me, OK? The ads are auto-generated by google. Either they don't know most of my readers are heterosexual women, or there's some new wild thing going on that I, as usual, don't know about. So, err, carry on!