Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi Readers!

The leaves are turning yellow and soon another pleasant, all-too-brief Beijing winter will be upon us. Your humble chronicler of life in the capital has been busy away from this blog over the summer, but that doesn't mean I haven't been collecting photos of some of my favourite Beijing things, because I have.

Here they are in no particular order or theme, in another of my intermittent posts on this blog which, I can sincerely promise, will bob up from time to time.

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From the "more is more" school of Chinese interiors
comes this waiting room at a certain Beijing family fun
attraction, set off by what appears to be a stunning original
Madonna-and-God type of painting ...

... but which is in fact one of those Marilyn Monroe and
Osama bin Laden ones.

What's with Osama here? Perhaps its because in a country where you'll find a rarely-found level of respect for Hitler, they do love the audacious (as again shown by the interiors above).

Here, as another example, are some playing cards I found
for sale in the "History's Most Notorious" section.

It'd all be enough to make officers at this police station fly
into a frenzy, but perhaps they were too busy enjoying
their new "Magical Kingdom" wing.

It had this man up in arms. Unless he was upset about
another tawdry car parking effort. Or unless he was just
carrying a pane of glass down the road.

Nope. Just exercising.

Further down the road, I found some other Beijing sights, like people getting their wedding photos done ...

... and enterprising traffic-light merchants
trying to hit up impulse buyers.

Phone jacks! Turtles! Alive, alive-oh!

Vendors like clumping things together here, as with this cartoon section.

Never before has Elmo rubbed shoulders with Cartman.

Family Guy meets Baby Einstein.

We all know how marketing works but, really, we're sick of restaurants making over-the-top claims about themselves.

This posting seeking work as a maid is a little more
(PS: This is not from a helpful niece. The Chinese word
for "maid" - Ayi - is also the word for "aunt".)

Pushing my buttons ...

... in an elevator.

Elevator marketing is big business here. Often it's ads
telling women how badly they need plastic surgery. This
one breaks away from Chinese adages about learning. 
It declares that "Beauty changes life", not stupid old study,
which has clearly bored this wrinkly old bat to tears.

Mind you, I'd be bored too if all my English-language
books had been printed backwards.

In the same lift, from the same plastic surgery mob, a week later ...

Now with added vertebrae.

Or how about we take one woman, and swap her for
a different one!

After trawling through some old catalogues, we found some of the above model's previous work.

Pretty sure it's her.
Close enough.

Still vaguely connected to marketing, a catchy name for a bike is everything ...

Whilst in cars, you can't go wrong with some sporty-looking writing on the side ...

... written backwards. Alas while Race Car is
a palindrome, Racing is not.

Car buffs might like some other things in Beijing.

It looks like I've squeezed the photo.

But I haven't.

This one takes the cake.
And the Fred Flintstone award.

If you moved home from Beijing in the summer, you might miss some other kinds of vehicles.

Like the ostentatious motors of wealthy locals fond
of driving around with no number plates,
whilst not giving a toss ...

... and double-parking.

Here's another.

And another.

This one's from the "I'm f*cking parking here!" file.

They're an innovative bunch...

... including when it comes to car safety
for little ones. Of course if you've already
spent many thousands on a new car, why
go the extra 200 for a baby capsule?
What you can't see in this shot is the
toddler strolling around on the back seat.

You might also miss perplexing instructions for kids' modeling kits ...

... which tell you, in step three, to basically figure it out
for yourself.

And there's one sight of summer that everyone who leaves here will miss ...

People getting about in their jammies!

If you've bought a new pair of
pyjamas, it seems a shame that
only those in your house will
see them.

The toddler's dressed. The adult is
in her jammies. They do do a lot
of things in an opposite way to the
west here.

If it's not the sleepwear, it could be something else.

But whether it's plastic bags or some other kind of head covering, you can only admire a people who give so few shits about what anyone thinks of them.


  1. I can't tell you how many times your posts and photos leave me laughing to tears! The head masks take the cake. Thanks for helping me see the humorous side to living in the 'jing.

  2. Laughing so hard. The parking shots are the best. The whole of Beijing really is a car park.